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Pneumatic Speargun Service

We service MOST* makes and models of pneumatic spearguns, including, but not limited to:

  • Mares
    • Sten
    • Cyrano
  • Cressi
    • SL
    • SL Star
  • Seac
    • Asso
    • Caccia
    • Hunter
  • Salvimar
    • Predathor
    • Predathor Vuoto
  • Beuchat

For an annual overhaul or a FREE repair estimate, please fill out the following form and proceed with shipping your speargun as outlined. If you choose not to repair your speargun you will be obligated to pay return shipping costs.

The typical cost for a pneumatic speargun overhaul is $65.00 including return shipping. For more details on overhauls and repairs please click show more...

All pneumatic spearguns are examined for any obvious external damages upon arrival. Following the external examination the speargun is then completely disassembled. The inside barrel is then cleaned and stripped from any debris or corrosion with a special solution that also removes the existing oil. Furthermore, all internal components of the speargun are examined and cleaned individually. All O-ring seals are then removed and replaced by new ones. In the event that our technician would discover any damaged components the owner would be contacted prior to replacing any of the damaged parts (shock absorber, piston, etc). The speargun is then assembled and all components receive the proper lubrication. Once the speargun is repaired and the overhaul process is complete, the speargun is then calibrated and pressurized to factory specs. At this point the speargun is subjected to a series of tests to insure a successful repair and shipped back to you.

Please fill in the following form and follow the submission directions

Speargun Information

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* A few very old models may not be repairable due to a lack of availability of parts or compatible substitutes (IE: ScubaPro, Nemrod, Voit etc.)

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